Senseless Banters

  1. A Mother’s Imprint

    You know how you can think of a person with just a representation - simple or complex? I’ve been thinking a lot these couple of days trying to find anything that represents my mom. Now, I don’t normally stress my brain for these purposes. However, I want a new tattoo and I want it to represent my mom. I was looking for a specific symbol or image. But as usual, my mom is in her own… universe.

    Here are some questions I really had fun with:

    What’s her favorite flower? - As far as I know, she does not have a favorite flower. In this case, we are very much alike. I mean, we appreciate how they look and smell and all that, but it’s not really important to us. We would rather have chocolates and ice cream. At least I know her favorite chocolate and ice cream flavors.

    What does she smell like? - Most kids would probably answer a typical scent from a shampoo or perfume. MY mom, however, smells like Vicks Vapor Rub ever since I can remember. I did not like how perfume sat on her. Vicks is the only acceptable scent for my mom.

    What’s my favorite thing that she used to do for me: - When I was small, I could not go to sleep without my mom giving me my “Patulog”. Patulog is defined as the slow, rhythmic tapping of a mother’s hand on a child’s thigh to induce sleep (Source: Maj’s dictionary). It only stopped when I was in 3rd grade. Why not a lullaby, you ask? Simple. My mom cannot sing or even hum a tune to save her life.

    Due to this patulog, my mom would end up just draping her arm over my waist and hip. This, I believe, is the reason why I always put pillows on that area because I am so used to having some weight on it. (Yes, I am analyzing and justifying my behavior)

    Similarities that we share: - A lot! But the two that I think are most relevant are: (1) We are Masungit slash Mataray. If we are not close, you will be ignored everytime. Regardless if you are the friendliest person in the world. (2) We are not affectionate. I am not the type to say I love you to any body even if the situation calls for it. I resort to sarcasm and jokes. Reflecting on this, I realized my mom is the same with Dada (my lolo). However, my mom is very affectionate towards me and my kuya. I find myself being affectionate towards little kids that I consider my anaks. Hmm.


    Going back to the purpose of this post, I still do not have a specific image of my mom. She is either too simple, that nothing in this world can be broken down into, or is too complex like an inexplicable theorem that is of another level.

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